TEEN CAMP - July 27 - July 31

Game Time

Craft Time


NT's for the teens!

Dorm Devotions Race to the finish!!!

TEEN CAMP - August 2 - 6

Bro. Ryan Thompson & Family (Bro. Trieber's church)

Bob and David take a break from the heat

The girls decorated bags - some of the winers Invitation time

August 8 -- a Hot Sunday

After church -Watermelon for all! The hose is set on mist - the kids are having fun!

Cooling down in the 103 heat. Sarah Sager (pink top) last Sunday with us


Sending Board:
P.O. Box 9215
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Bob & Judy Van Sant
14 L. Shevtsovoi
Simferopol, Ukraine 95023
Sending Church:
Bible Baptist Church
P.O. Box 266
Ft. Mill, SC 29716